Blossoming Events & Flowers is Hiring Floral Designers! Showcase Your Talents Here


Blossoming Events & Flowers is Hiring Floral Designers! Showcase Your Talents Here

Do you find yourself mesmerized by the charming allure of flowers, and does your soul move to the creative beat of design? Then you should definitely check out Blooming Events & Flowers since they provide a fantastic chance for you! We’re thrilled to announce many fascinating openings for the prestigious role of Florist. Individuals with a deep love of flowers and a commitment to providing exceptional service will thrive in this position.   

Flowers are more than simply a pretty sight to us at Blooming Events & Flowers; they are symbols of love and celebration, frozen moments in time, and statements of our deepest feelings. When you join our team as a Florist, you’ll be a part of something truly extraordinary as you help us wow our customers with stunning bouquets and arrangements.   

With your meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic flair, you will give each flower arrangement new life. Your artistic skills will turn mundane locations into places of incredible beauty and delight when you use them to create bridal bouquets, centerpieces for elaborate events, and arrangements for special occasions like anniversaries.   

We are a customer-focused business, thus providing outstanding service is our top priority. Understanding our customers’ individual tastes will be a breeze with your friendly manner and natural knack for conversation. You’ll be the beacon that leads customers to the flower arrangements that speak most deeply to them as you guide them through our extensive inventory.   

This Junior level employment requires no prior experience, making it a fantastic chance for exceptional individuals just starting out in the floral design industry. If you have a deep love of flowers and a flair for design, but no formal training, you can still succeed in this position. Although it would be helpful if you have formal training or certification in floristry, we are more interested in your natural ability and motivation to improve.

Job Details:

Posted on:31 July 2023
Job Title:Florist
Company Name:Blooming Events & Flowers
Type of Employee:Permanent
Salary Discussions Per Month:Open
Locale:Al Raqaib
Work Experience Requirement:Zero to One Year
Education:Hi School Diploma or Equivalent Required 
Listed By:Recruitment Agency
Professional Status:Novice
Gender:Any Gender
Origin: Other Countries
Words Spoken:English and Arabic
Size of Business:1-10 Workers
Ends on:August 30th, 2023

Job Description: 


Working as a Florist at Blooming Events & Flowers, you’ll be responsible for making beautiful bouquets and centerpieces for our clients. Your major focus will be on flower arrangement design, with an emphasis on achieving aesthetic excellence and satisfying customer tastes.

Job Responsibilities:   

You will be in charge of creating stunning flower arrangements for special events including weddings, parties, anniversaries, and business gatherings.   

Interacting with clients: As a florist, you will talk to clients to learn about their tastes, give them advise, and let them pick out the arrangements that best fit their requirements.   

The quality and freshness of the flowers in the shop must be maintained at all times, and you will be responsible for getting rid of those that have wilted or been damaged.   

Maintain a varied stock of floral arrangements and decorative accents while keeping track of inventory levels.   

Work with party organizers and decorators to design stunning floral centerpieces for special occasions. 

Job Requirements:   

This Junior level position does not require any prior experience, making it a great chance for recent college grads or those with up to a year of relevant work experience.   

The minimum educational requirement for this position is a high school diploma or its equivalent, but any relevant experience or certifications would be highly valued.   

The successful applicant will have a love of flowers and an eye for design.   

To deliver outstanding customer service, it is necessary to have excellent interpersonal skills and a courteous, customer-centric attitude.   

You will be able to connect with a wider range of customers because to your fluency in both English and Arabic.   

This is a full-time, in-store position in which you’ll collaborate directly with our team of experts to provide our clients with exceptional floral services. Based on your skills and expertise, we can discuss a compensation range for this role.   

We’re looking for an ambitious, flower-loving, skillful person to join our team.

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Full-Time Waitstaff Position In Ajman, United Arab Emirates; Attractive Pay, Benefits Package

Where Do I Find The Application Form? Flowers and Events as a Florist in Full Bloom:  

Your most recent résumé and application should be sent to [email protected]. The deadline to submit applications is August 30, 2023. Don’t let the chance to grow professionally with Blooming Events & Flowers pass you by. More information Click

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