Apply to Work in Kitchen Helper at Al Barq Group: Fancy Sharjah Job Openings

Kitchen Helper

Apply to Work in Kitchen Helper at Al Barq Group: Fancy Sharjah Job Openings

Here’s a chance that will reward your everlasting commitment to the kitchen and your love of cooking, so get ready, Kitchen Helper. The Al Barq Group, a well-known firm situated in the United Arab Emirates, is excited to offer you a position as a Kitchen Helper. This is an excellent opportunity for anybody interested in being a vital member of our culinary staff and contributing to our goal of creating outstanding dining experiences.  

When you join Al Barq Group as a Kitchen Helper, you’ll be right in the thick of things, making crucial contributions to the smooth running of our kitchen. You’ll have a wide range of important responsibilities, helping the culinary staff with a wide variety of chores and making sure everything runs well. You will play a crucial part in ensuring that our most valued customers have a first-rate dining experience, from the time you begin preparing ingredients until they leave the restaurant.  

At Al Barq Group, we know that the success of any kitchen team is contingent on the enthusiasm and commitment of every member. You will be an important part of our close-knit family as a Kitchen Helper, and your efforts and dedication will be recognized and rewarded. As an ambassador of superior service and unwavering pursuit of culinary excellence, your influence will reach well beyond the kitchen.  

If you join our team, you’ll have access to countless possibilities for personal development and career advancement. Al Barq Group is committed to developing its employees by giving them ample resources and opportunities to improve their skills. Join our dynamic and successful team whether you have years of experience in the kitchen or are just starting in the food industry.  

Along the way, you’ll get to pick the brains of some of the most renowned chefs in the business. Our team is committed to assisting you in expanding your knowledge and abilities so that you may take your career in the kitchen to new heights. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere where ideas may flourish and people can work together effectively for the benefit of the whole team.  

When you accept a position with Al Barq Group, you’ll get more than just a paycheck; you’ll get the chance to be a part of something remarkable. Please apply to join our team if you are enthusiastic about taking on the responsibilities and reaping the benefits of working as a Kitchen Helper. Al Barq Group is the first stop on your gastronomic adventure.

Job Details for Kitchen Helper:

Posted on:2nd August 2023
Job Title:Kitchen Helper
Company Name:Al Barq Group
Pay Range per Month:$0 – $1,999 AED
Benefits:Per UAE legislation, the company will pay for your accommodation and your visa.
Work Experience Requirement:Zero to One Year
Education:No Formal Education Required
Gender:Any Gender
Language:English and Hindi
Date of expiration:September 1, 2023

Duties of a Kitchen Helper:  

Keep the kitchen spotless, from the flooring to the appliances to the counters.  

Help the chefs and cooks get the food ready for service.  

Gather and sort ingredients from the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  

Accurately measure and portion items as directed by the chef.  

Take care of dirty dishes and leftover food quickly and effectively.  

Maintain a clean and safe environment consistent with government standards for handling food.  

Qualifications for a Cook’s Aide:  

There is no requirement for prior experience, however familiarity with a commercial kitchen is helpful.  

Knowledge of safe food handling practices is highly valued.  

Capable of locating and discarding spoiled or materials that have passed their expiration dates.  

The ability to work hard and take direction well from the other cooks in the kitchen.  

Possess effective interpersonal communication and teamwork abilities.  


We provide a generous benefits package to attract and keep the best professionals in the industry. The remuneration for this work is competitive, and housing and meals are also provided. In addition, our organization will assist in obtaining an employment visa if that is required.

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Where Do I Find an Application? Helper in the Kitchen:  

If you are qualified for this role and interested in applying, please email your resume to us over WhatsApp or give us a call. Come work with us and get started on a great culinary path.  

WhatsApp Provide a resume or point of contact if interested. Text or call [+971527690016] on WhatsApp.

Apply for Company Website … [Apply Now

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