Join Our Team in Al Ain as a Restaurant Supervisor | Apply Now!

Restaurant Supervisor

Join Our Team in Al Ain as a Restaurant Supervisor | Apply Now!

Are you a seasoned and enthusiastic professional with a track record of success as a restaurant supervisor? We are now looking for a dedicated Restaurant Supervisor to join our team and handle a collection of cafés in the center of Al Ain. You will be in a critical position as Restaurant Supervisor, in charge of orchestrating seamless and effective day-to-day operations across our facilities. Your key goals will include not just maintaining the highest levels of customer service excellence, but also developing a positive and collaborative environment among our dedicated team members.

You will lead our team with a deft hand, guaranteeing the seamless coordination of diverse restaurant activities, from managing customer orders to collaborating with kitchen employees. Your ability to expedite customer orders when necessary will be critical in providing the quick and accurate service that our customers have come to expect. Furthermore, your ability to cultivate strong relationships with our suppliers will be critical in maintaining the exceptional quality of our goods and guaranteeing a continual inflow of premium materials and resources.

Aside from these basic responsibilities, your strategic perspective will be critical in cost management, as you develop ways to reduce operating expenses while maintaining the quality of our offers and the entire dining experience. You will contribute to the ongoing improvement of our operational procedures by leveraging your creativity and strategic thinking.

You will be entrusted with more than just task supervision in this role; you will be a cornerstone of our team, establishing an environment that promotes cooperation, growth, and innovation. You will assist us in creating unforgettable dining experiences for our valued guests by embodying devotion, passion, and the finest professionalism.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a dynamic and exciting profession, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our Al Ain culinary excellence adventure. Your application is the first step in making a significant impact on both our team and our customers.

Job Details for Restaurant Supervisor:

Posted on:8th August 2023
Job Title:Restaurant Supervisor
Company Name:Confidential
Location:Civic Center, Al Jimi, Al Ain, UAE
Type of Work:Full-Time
Salary:AED 4,000 – 5,999 per month
Benefits:Benefits include health insurance and a company visa (as required by UAE legislation)
Experience:2-5 years of work experience is required
Education:N/A Minimum Education Level
Company Size:Employees range from 11 to 50
Career Level:Mid-level professional
Gender:Any gender
Language:English is the official language
Expires on:August 19, 2023


  • Team Management

Oversee the daily operations of the restaurant’s employees, which includes waiters, chefs, and support personnel. To ensure exceptional customer service and a cohesive team environment, provide direction, training, and incentive.

  • Order Administration

When necessary, expedite client orders, ensuring that food and beverages are produced and served on time and precisely.

  • Relationships with Suppliers

Maintain solid supplier ties to assure the availability of high-quality products and resources. Work with suppliers to improve product delivery and quality.

  • Management of Costs

Identify ways to minimize operational costs while maintaining high service and product quality requirements. Implement cost-effective strategies that do not jeopardize client happiness.

  • Customer Contentment

Ensure a great eating experience for guests by addressing any issues, guaranteeing order correctness, and maintaining a clean and friendly environment.

  • Compliance

To deliver a safe and enjoyable eating experience for both customers and workers, adhere to corporate rules, health and safety requirements, and municipal food service standards.


2-5 years of supervisory experience in the restaurant or hospitality industry.

Strong leadership abilities and the ability to motivate and guide a varied team are required.

Excellent English communication skills are required to connect effectively with personnel, customers, and suppliers.

A proactive attitude to problem solutions and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Knowledge of cost-cutting measures and the capacity to make operational improvements.

Join our team in providing great dining experiences in Al Ain’s thriving culinary scene. We welcome your application if you are a passionate professional looking to make a difference.

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How to Apply? for Restaurant Supervisor:

Please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience and why you want the job. Applications will be accepted until August 19th, 2023.

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