Apply Now for a Mid-Level Position with a Competitive Salary and Benefits at City Star Hypermarket Abu Dhabi for an Exciting Accountant Opportunity!


Apply Now for a Mid-Level Position with a Competitive Salary and Benefits at City Star Hypermarket Abu Dhabi for an Exciting Accountant Opportunity!

Do you have experience in accountant and a passion for worthwhile opportunities? Do you want to help a renowned hypermarket succeed by lending your knowledge of finance? Look no further because City Star Hypermarket offers a wonderful opening for a committed and meticulous Accountant to join our vibrant team. 

You will be at the center of our financial operations when you work for us as an accountant. As you diligently publish and process journal entries, making sure that every business transaction is precisely recorded, your attention to detail will be put to the test. Beyond the figures, you’ll be responsible for preserving the accuracy and compliance with industry standards of the financial records of our subsidiary firms. 

Precision is not simply a goal, but also a need at City Star Hypermarket. Because of this, you also have a role in reconciling other accounts, including those of banks, customers, suppliers, and employees. As you help to produce financial reports that comply with both legal obligations and financial best practices, your dedication to accuracy will serve as the cornerstone of our financial reports. 

You will assist in the monthly payroll preparation as a team player, ensuring that our diligent workers receive payment on time and appropriately. The annual closings, a crucial time that necessitates close attention to detail and a full understanding of financial procedures, will also highlight your efforts. 

Growth in this mid-level position is guaranteed, not just a possibility. We welcome you to apply if you are an Indian national who is fluent in English, Arabic, and Hindi and who has earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely connected discipline. Join us, and together we will create the conditions for the success of City Star Hypermarket as well as for the progress of your career and personal goals. 

Are you willing to serve as the engine that propels our financial accuracy? Are you willing to accept responsibilities that have meaning and advance your career? Send in your application right now, and let’s go out on a journey of development and success for everyone involved.

Job Details for Accountant:

Posted on:24th August 2023
Job Title:Accountant
Company Name:City Star Hypermarket
Location:Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi
Salary:4,000 to 5,999 AED Per Month
Benefits:Housing, Company Visa, Health Insurance
Experience:2 to 5 Years of Minimum Work Experience
Education:Bachelor’s Degree is the Required Minimum Education
Size of Business:51 to 200 Personnel
Gender:Men’s Gender
Languages:Hindi, Arabic, and English
Expires on:23rd September 2023


At City Star Hypermarket, your duties as an accountant will include the following: 

  • Journal Entries to Post and Process  

You are in charge of posting and processing journal entries to appropriately document all company transactions. 

  • Keep Financial Records Current 

You will be responsible for checking the accuracy and compliance of the financial records kept by our subsidiary businesses. 

  • Reconciliation  

To ensure financial correctness, conduct a reconciliation of the staff accounts, supplier accounts, customer accounts, and bank statements. 

  • Processing of Financial and Report Data  

Contribute to the creation of various financial reports and other essential reports in accordance with legal and financial requirements. 

  • Payroll Preparation Each Month

Participate in the monthly payroll preparation process to make sure that workers are paid on time and correctly. 

  • Annual Closing Support

To ensure efficient financial reporting, assist with year-end closure preparation.

Qualifications and Skills:

You must possess the following credentials in order to succeed in this position:

Accounting or a closely related field as a Bachelor’s degree. 

2 to 5 years of relevant accounting-related job experience. 

Proficiency in Hindi, Arabic, and English. 

Strong accuracy and attention to detail. 

Knowledge of financial rules and regulations. 

Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.

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How to Apply? for Accountant:

If you’re prepared to join the hardworking team at City Star Hypermarket, there are two simple methods to apply:

  • Email

Send an updated copy of your resume to

  • WhatsApp

Please call Miss Flora at 0567149722 or 025570799 for further details about the position and the application process.

further information, Click

As an Accountant, join us in making a difference in the success of City Star Hypermarket. We are excited to have a talented new teammate join us! 

Application cutoff date:  

September 23, 2023 

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