Apply Now to Be Part of Our Dairy Farm Worker Team in Casselman

Dairy Farm Worker

Apply Now to Be Part of Our Dairy Farm Worker Team in Casselman

Dairy Farm Workers with experience and enthusiasm are needed by T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. in Casselman, Ontario. If you’re interested in a career in agriculture, you shouldn’t pass up this chance. Working on a dairy farm means you’ll be responsible for things like keeping the herd healthy and making sure the machinery keeps running.   

Feeding and caring for the dairy herd, running and repairing farm equipment, and keeping the barns and surrounding areas clean and organized are just some of the tasks you’ll be tasked with in this position. Candidates must be bi- or multilingual (fluent in English or French) and have completed secondary education (high school) or have relevant work experience. The ideal applicant will have worked in a comparable capacity for between one and seven months and will be able to multitask well and meet tight deadlines.   

T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. pays a competitive remuneration of $15.80 per hour for 50 hours of work each week. Our company is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for all of our staff members. To ensure the safety of our employees and animals, we need all applicants to undergo a background check.  

If you’re interested in a satisfying career in agriculture, we have a great opening for a Dairy Farm Worker to join our team. We now have 10 openings on our farm, and they would be perfect for anyone looking for a stimulating and rewarding career.

Dairy Farm Worker

Responsibilities for Dairy Farm Worker in Casselman:

The health and happiness of the dairy herd are your top priority as a Dairy Farm Worker at T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. This entails everyday tasks including feeding and caring for the animals. You’ll also be responsible for running and maintaining the farm’s machinery. To get things done efficiently, you’ll have to work closely with the other members of your team.   

You require a diploma from an accredited secondary school or the equivalent in work experience to be successful in this position. You should be able to work in a fast-paced atmosphere and under pressure and have between one and seven months of relevant job experience. If you want to join our team, you need to be ready to pick up and use our established protocols. A background check will be conducted on you to protect our staff and our animals.

Requirements for Dairy Farm Worker in Casselman:

Successful candidates should also have a strong work ethic and a genuine interest in the agriculture business in addition to the aforementioned qualifications. Individuals that are trustworthy, on-time, and proficient in teamwork will be given priority. You need to be able to get along with others and follow instructions from higher ups.   

T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. is dedicated to creating an environment where all workers feel welcome and respected. We pay a competitive wage of $15.80 per hour for a standard workweek of 50 hours. We encourage and facilitate professional growth and career progress.

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How to Apply? Dairy Farm Worker in Casselman:

Anyone is encouraged to apply for a position at T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. Those who are interested in applying for the Dairy Farm Worker employment must email their cover letter and resume to [email protected] before May 25th, 2023. We promise to give each application thorough consideration and are grateful for all of them. However, we can only get in touch with those who cut an interview.   

Our company is dedicated to providing a welcoming and secure environment for all of our staff members. We know that a happy and productive workforce is the result of a diverse and welcoming workplace. The principles of mutual regard, cooperation, and honest interaction are vital to the success of our team and our business. We urge our workers to help shape the future of the firm and offer them avenues for professional growth and success.   

T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc. recognizes that its people are the reason for its continued success. We pay a competitive wage of $15.80 per hour for a standard workweek of 50 hours. All employees are eligible for our generous benefits packages, which include medical, dental, and life insurance in addition to 401(k) and other retirement savings options. Our mission is to provide an environment where all employees feel appreciated and respected to recruit and retain the most talented people in the agriculture business.   

We encourage you to apply for the Dairy Farm Worker position and look forward to receiving and reviewing your application. At T&P Meyerhans Farm, Inc., we can’t wait to get your message and have you join our team.

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