We are looking for trustworthy cleaners in Nova Scotia to join our New View team


We are looking for trustworthy cleaners in Nova Scotia to join our New View team

Cleaning positions are available at New View Cleaning Incorporated, and we’re looking for honest and dedicated individuals to fill them. We have ten openings for this mobile position, which will need you to travel between different areas in Hatchet Lake and Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, on a regular basis. Your duties as a cleaner will include things like sweeping, mopping, cleaning, and polishing floors; dusting furniture; vacuuming carpets; making beds; and changing linens. You’ll also be responsible for restocking the linen closet with fresh towels and toiletries, picking up litter, emptying trash cans, and cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathrooms.   

The starting pay for this work is $20.00 per hour for 40-50 hours per week. The right individual will get to put their attention to detail to work in a fast-paced setting. The successful applicant will have the physical ability to bend, squat, and kneel as part of their work duties.  

New View Cleaning, Incorporated is an eco-friendly company that strives to reduce its negative ecological footprint. Because of the emphasis placed on fostering favorable environmental consequences, this stance has been labeled as “green.” Experience is preferred but not essential; a degree, certificate, or diploma is not required for this role. We will give preference to those who have shown themselves to be dependable, adaptable, proactive, reliable, and possess sound judgment.  

This position is open until May 14, 2023, and we provide staff with free parking. Apply now to join our team of devoted cleaners if you are a hard worker with a client focus and a desire to work in a green career. Get started on the path to a successful and satisfying career with New View Cleaning Inc.


Here at New View Cleaning, Inc., we are always looking for new ways to help the planet. Therefore, this is a “green job” since it entails doing things that are good for the environment. By working as a cleaner, you may help make the world a better, healthier, and more sustainable place for generations to come.   

Experience in the cleaning sector is preferred, but a degree, certificate, or certification is not needed. The ideal applicant will be detail-oriented, capable of prioritizing their work, and eager to join a dynamic team. Please apply if you have previous experience cleaning and would want to join our team of hardworking cleaners.  

In addition, the ideal candidate will have excellent English language skills. Since you will be communicating with customers and team members, you must be able to express yourself clearly and concisely. Important skills include listening carefully, processing information, and taking initiative.   

Here at New View Cleaning, Inc., we encourage everyone to feel welcome and accepted. We recognize that every member of our team brings something special to the table.  

We invite you to apply for this role if you have a genuine interest in environmental protection and a desire to make a positive impact. If you join our team, you may gain experience in the cleaning sector while working in a green career that supports environmental sustainability.

Cleaners in Nova Scotia are responsible for the following: 

As a cleaner, you’ll mostly be responsible for   

Cleaning and shining floors by means of various cleaning implements   

Clearing off furnishings   

Cleaning up by vacuuming the upholstered items and flooring  

Beds, including sheet changes, made   

Providing fresh washcloths and hygiene products   

Putting away clean sheets   

Fixture and appliance cleaning include disinfection and polishing in kitchens and bathrooms   

Cleaning up the area and taking out the rubbish   

Keeping locker rooms and baths clean   

Taking care of some basic cleaning and housekeeping tasks   

Cleaning textiles and linens  


The cleaning crew should be capable of doing the following 

Do your job in a frantic setting   

Focus on specifics   

You should stoop, kneel, and bend as required   

Always put the customer first

Show that you can be counted on, are adaptable, take the initiative, and are reliable 

Cooperate effectively with others   

Maintain the integrity and standards of the firm 

Make sound decisions   

Maintain order and punctuality

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities for Cleaners:

The cleaning staff needs someone who can keep up with a busy schedule without losing focus on the smallest of details.To perform this task, you will need to stoop, squat, and kneel. The ideal applicant will be physically capable of carrying out all of the duties of this position.  

Individual Appropriateness:   

In addition to these skills, the ideal applicant will also have   

Putting the customer first   





Participant on a Team   

Maintain the integrity and standards of the firm

Make sound decisions   

Maintain order and punctuality

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All employees can park in the lot behind New View Cleaning, Inc. for no cost.  

How to Apply? for Cleaners in Nova Scotia:

The email address to send your resume to for consideration is [email protected].   

Until advertisements   

You have until Friday, May 14th, 2023 to apply for this position.   


New View Cleaning Incorporated is searching for an honest, hardworking, customer-oriented, environmentally conscious person to fill a full-time position. Apply now to become a part of our hardworking cleaning crew and do your part to improve the world around you. 

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