Put your Kitchen Helper skills to good use and apply to work in the dynamic kitchen at Snack Plus Inc.

Kitchen Helper

Put your Kitchen Helper skills to good use and apply to work in the dynamic kitchen at Snack Plus Inc.

Your contribution as a Kitchen Helper at Snack Plus, Inc. will be critical to the success of our culinary operations. Qualifications in terms of experience are less important than a positive attitude and a hunger for knowledge. The following qualifications have been provided for potential Kitchen Helpers:  

At our location at 6549 Gateway Blvd. NW in Edmonton, AB, Snack Plus Inc., a well-known food service company specialized in delicious snacks, is pleased to offer various openings for the job of Kitchen Helper. This position is ideal for you if you love to cook, thrive in fast-paced teams, and are looking to further your career. If you want to start a career in the food industry, Snack Plus Inc is the perfect location to do it, offering fair salary, a flexible work schedule, and plenty of room for advancement.   

When it comes to offering delicious snacks and friendly service, no one does it better than Snack Plus Inc. It is important to us to provide a friendly and inviting atmosphere for our clients and staff. Your contribution as a Kitchen Helper will be critical to the success of our business.

Job Details for Kitchen Helper:

Date Posted:June 12-2023
Company Name:Snack Plus Inc
Location: 6549 Gateway Blvd. NW, Edmonton, AB
Job Title:Kitchen Helper
Salary:15.50 Hourly 30 Hours Per Week
Education:No Need
Experience:Will Train
Last Date:2023-07-12

Compensation and Perks for a Kitchen Aide:  

The benefits package we provide our workers with includes   

Hourly wage of $15.50   

Time in the office: 30 each week   

Schedule adjustments to fit individual needs

A place of employment that is welcoming and encouraging   

Qualifications Needed to Work as a Kitchen Helper:  

At Snack Plus Inc, a candidate’s passion and readiness to learn are given greater weight than their academic credentials. The following qualifications are needed from candidates for the Kitchen Helper position.  


English is used as the major medium of communication in our kitchen, thus fluency in the language is essential. If you want things to go smoothly and your team to get along, you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively.   


While formal education is not required for this role, we recognize the significance of industry certifications and other forms of training. Possessing any of these credentials will be highly regarded since it shows how serious you are about developing your cooking abilities.   


The position of Kitchen Helper at Snack Plus Inc. requires no prior experience. In order to help our employees thrive in our ever-changing kitchen, we offer extensive on-the-job training. However, a genuine interest in cuisine and a dedicated work ethic are two qualities we place a premium on. These traits encourage teamwork and productivity and help us maintain a high standard in our kitchen.   

We at Snack Plus Inc. think that the best way to learn is by doing, thus we encourage our employees to gain as much practical experience as possible. Anyone with a genuine interest in the culinary arts is welcome to apply, regardless of their level of training or education. Here, you’ll find the encouragement and resources you need to launch or advance your career in the food service sector.   

At Snack Plus Inc., we encourage a welcoming and cooperative atmosphere by placing a premium on employees’ energy, curiosity, and ambition. Come work with us, and we’ll help you develop your culinary skills while providing delicious treats for our clients. 

Job Responsibilities for Kitchen Helper:

Working in the kitchen at Snack Plus Inc. means taking on a wide range of critical duties. Among these are   

Your primary responsibility will be to supply our salad bars and refrigerators with fresh produce. This entails making sure that everything needed to cook a meal is easily accessible and neatly stored.   

Cleaning and maintaining kitchen appliances: you will be expected to use both hand and power tools to prepare food items such as washing, peeling, slicing, and trimming. Keeping the kitchen tidy is also very important. To keep things clean and healthy, you should disinfect everything from desks and cabinets to storage spaces and tools.   

You’ll be responsible for unpacking deliveries of goods and putting them away in the right places. Storing items in the appropriate refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, and other storage locations is essential. This methodical preparation ensures that the necessary materials and tools are on hand at all times.   

Disposal of waste and rubbish Keeping a clean and sanitary kitchen includes disposing of waste and rubbish in the appropriate manner. Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment depends on your rapid removal of trash and placement of trash in appropriate containers.   

Washing, peeling, and chopping vegetables and fruits are among tasks you may expect to perform as a Kitchen Helper. This essential step gets fresh vegetables ready to be used in a variety of dishes.   

Your diligence in these roles is much appreciated here at Snack Plus Inc, since they have a significant bearing on the effectiveness and cleanliness of our kitchen operations. The satisfaction of our diners depends on your ability to pay close attention to detail, operate quickly and efficiently, and keep your work area neat and tidy.   

The success of our kitchen staff and the happiness of our regulars depends on your careful and conscientious performance of these tasks. Snack Plus Inc is looking for a Kitchen Helper to join our team so that we may continue to provide customers with the most satisfying and enjoyable snacking experience possible.

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How to Apply for Kitchen Helper?:

Please see below for details on how to submit your application to Snack Plus Inc for the post of Kitchen Helper  

Get your Application Ready: Make sure you’re a strong contender for the position by updating your CV to showcase your most relevant skills, experiences, and credentials. Write a succinct cover letter in which you highlight your interest in the role and the reasons you think you would be an asset to our team.   

Send Your Application Via Email: Simply submit your application through email to [email protected]. Include your résumé and cover letter in the email, and make sure they are easily legible (in a format like PDF or Word). Please include “Kitchen Helper” in the subject line of your email to ensure that your application is properly routed.   

The deadline to apply for this post has been set for July 12, 2023. If you want to be considered for the position, your application must be sent by this date.   

Thank you for considering a career at Snack Plus, Inc. While every application is given careful consideration, only those whose candidacies we feel warrant an interview will be contacted. We appreciate everyone who applied and took the time to do so. 


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  1. Dear Sir:

    I was keenly interested in reading the job posting for the position of kitchen helper Required in Canada 2023. I believe my experience is a strong match for the responsibilities pertaining to this role, and I’m pleased to submit my application for the position.

    I have attached my resume in this letter. Through it, I hope you will learn more about my background, education, achievements, and awards.

    If I can provide you with any further information, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you about this opportunity.

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