Private Job Openings! Avoid Missing Out! Shanghai 360 is Recruiting People to Work at the Food Counters!

Food Counter Attendant

Private Job Openings! Avoid Missing Out! Shanghai 360 is Recruiting People to Work at the Food Counters!

Shanghai 360, Halifax’s most well-known and successful restaurant, is pleased to offer various openings for the role of Food Counter Attendant. Working as a Food Counter Attendant at Shanghai 360, you’ll be a part of a hardworking team that’s committed to satisfying our customers with delicious food and excellent service.  

Shanghai 360 is proud to present a comprehensive selection of mouthwatering meals that draw inspiration from Shanghai’s thriving culinary industry and its wide range of tastes. As a Food Counter Attendant, you will have the chance to positively impact our business by helping us run efficiently and keeping up our excellentservice.

Job Details for Food Counter Attendant:

Date Posted:May-18-2023
Job Title:Food Counter Attendant
Company Name:Shanghai 360
Company Location:7001 Mumford Rd Halifax, NS B3L 4N9
Salary:$14.50 Hourly 30 to 40 Hours Per Week
Total Vacancy:10 Vacancies
Education:No Degree, Certificate or Diploma
Experience:Will Train
Expected Last Date:2023-06-17

Job Responsibilities for Food Counter Attendant:

If you are interested in joining the Shanghai 360 team as a Food Counter Attendant, you will play a vital part in guaranteeing the happiness of our clients. The bulk of your work will involve the following:   

Documenting the amount of food consumed   

Convenience food packaging   

Organizing and packaging meals   

Basic cooking, reheating, and plating   

Providing assistance to consumers at desks and buffets   

Preparing food and restocking salad bars   

Taking orders from clients   

Cleaning, peeling, slicing, and dicing food with hand tools and electric machines.   

The bulk of your work will involve assisting cooks with a wide variety of activities to guarantee that customers’ meals are prepared correctly and served promptly. This involves maintaining accurate food inventory records, carefully packing takeout orders, and wrapping and portioning meals by our standards. In addition, you’ll be expected to heat and finish off simple dishes like sandwiches, salads, and soups by our quality requirements.   

You will serve as Shanghai 360’s first point of contact with the public. Customers at counters and buffets will appreciate the warm and welcoming vibe you generate with your positive attitude and careful service. You’ll also take orders and ensure they’re processed quickly and correctly while catering to clients’ individualized preferences and dietary restrictions.

Your responsibilities in customer service also include:  

You’ll be responsible for making sure the food display is always supplied and looks good to customers. This will need the use of manual and electrical machines to clean, peel, slice, and trim products as needed, as well as filling refrigerators and salad bars. The overall presentation and quality of our wares will benefit from your attention to detail and dedication to cleaning.  

The successful applicant does not need any prior experience, since we will provide extensive training. People who are positive, curious, and hardworking are highly valued here. Shanghai 360 is looking for people that are enthusiastic about the restaurant business, thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere, and take great delight in serving their customers well.  

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How to Apply for Food Counter Attendant?

We encourage you to apply for the Food Counter Attendant position at Shanghai 360 if you’re interested in starting a rewarding career in this field. Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] to be considered for this rewarding position. We appreciate the time and consideration each application requires and place high importance on the participation of all candidates. Unfortunately, we can only move on with those applicants who satisfy our first criteria and schedule interviews with them.   

We at Shanghai 360 value diversity and equal opportunity immensely. Applying to join our amazing team is something we actively encourage people from all walks of life to do. Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and contributing their skills. Joining our team will provide you the opportunity to help our well-known eatery thrive while also developing your skills and expanding your horizons.   

Our core beliefs at Shanghai 360 include treating all employees with dignity and compassion. We understand the significance of assembling a team that is both united and varied, like the thriving neighborhood we serve. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, and that includes the hiring process. 

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    I was keenly interested in reading the job posting for the position of Counter attendant Required in Canada . I believe my experience is a strong match for the responsibilities pertaining to this role, and I’m pleased to submit my application for the position.

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