Canada Seeking for Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper

Canada Seeking for Kitchen Helper

 Thai Express/La Deserve is looking to hire a dedicated and trustworthy kitchen Helper. You will be working alongside our cooks and chefs, supporting them in all aspects of food preparation and cooking while also maintaining a clean and well-organized kitchen.

Job Details Kitchen Helper Required to Canada:

Company Name:Thai Express/La Deserve
Posted Date:20-02-2023
Location:Okotoks, AB
Salary and Timing:18.00 Hourly For 40 Hours Per 40 Hours Per Week
Experience:Will Train
Education:No Need
Last Date:22-03-2023

Duties of the Canadian Kitchen Helper We Seek: 

Help in the kitchen by cutting and peeling veggies, measuring and combining materials, and plating finished meals.   

Maintain and replenish food, drink, and equipment stocks in the kitchen.   

Accept and coordinate the distribution of food and other goods.  

Observe standard practices for food storage and preparation, such as keeping perishables at safe temperatures and using clear labels.   

Assist with general housekeeping duties such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and cleaning restrooms.   

Help with routine upkeep, such as clearing down drains and replacing light bulbs.   

Coordinate with the culinary workers to guarantee prompt order fulfillment.

Help Wanted in the Kitchen, Canadian Location Preferred:  

  • The workplace 

Working in a restaurant or other food service facility during peak hours may be extremely hectic and demanding.   

Working under time constraints and strict deadlines might be stressful, but it may be necessary for this career.   

  • Capabilities of the body

Job duties may include strenuous physical labor such as lifting and carrying, reaching and bending, and standing for extended periods.   

Physically demanding work may include long periods of standing due to the nature of the position.   

  • Qualifications as a person  

Effective communication skills: this position requires you to interact with both employees and consumers.   

Maintaining dependability and punctuality in the workplace is essential.   

The ability to work well as a member of a team is crucial for this position, hence teamwork skills are required. 

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Where Do I Find an Application? Canada Seeking Kitchen Helper:  

You may apply for a position at Thai Express Okotoks by sending an email with the following contents.  

Start a new message with your preferred email client.   

Just put [email protected] in the “To” field.   

For example, “Job Application for Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher Position” might be written in the “Subject” column.   

Explain who you are and why you want the position in the email’s main body. Make sure to include a résumé and cover letter with your application for additional in-depth information about your skills and experience.   

Include a cover letter and CV with your email application. Make sure they are clearly labeled and stored in a standard format like PDF or Microsoft Word.   

Be careful to proofread your email for typos and grammatical problems before sending it, and include only up-to-date contact information.   

To send in your application, just hit the “Send” button.

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