Join Now for Growth and Opportunity as an Office Boy at ME EInnovation FZE Ajman to Unlock Your Career Potential!

Office Boy

Join Now for Growth and Opportunity as an Office Boy at ME EInnovation FZE Ajman to Unlock Your Career Potential!

The Office Boy position at ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs) is crucial to maintaining the overall operation and cleanliness of our office space while also providing helpful support to our team members in their various duties. We are constantly looking for a dedicated and diligent person who can significantly contribute to the efficient operation of our office. 

In this role, the Office Boy acts as a crucial support system, making sure that our office space is not just tidy and clean but also encourages creative work. This includes duties including keeping workstations, common areas, and restrooms clean, supervising garbage removal, and monitoring the availability of necessities like soap and toilet paper. 

Moreover, the Office Boy is expected to lend a helping hand in various administrative functions, including document copying, setting up meeting spaces, and distributing correspondence within the organization. Beyond this, they may be called upon to undertake minor external errands and assist in the logistics of office events or gatherings. 

The ideal candidate for this role should possess a strong sense of dedication, punctuality, and a proactive approach to tasks. By joining our team, you’ll play an indispensable role in ensuring the efficiency and overall well-being of our workplace, contributing to the success of ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs).

Job Details for Office Boy:

Posted on:1st September 2023
Job Title:Office Boy
Company Name:ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs)
Location:Ajman, UAE
Type of Employment:Full-Time
Salary Per Month:Negotiable
Advantages:Business Visa
Work Experience:2 to 5 Years of Minimum Work Experience
Required Education:High School or Secondary School is the Prerequisite Education
Size of Business:11 to 50 Personnel
Gender:Men’s Gender
Languages:Arabic, English, and Other Languages
Ends on:September 7, 2023


  • Cleaning 

To keep your workstation organized, wipe down the desks and chairs. 

Keep the office space orderly and clean. 

Regularly empty trash bins to keep the environment tidy. 

As necessary, clean the windows and doors. 

Make sure there is enough soap and toilet paper in the restrooms. 

  • Paper Assistance 

As needed, make copies of the papers. 

Help set up conference spaces. 

Mail or distribute documents to coworkers. 

Efficiently handle any outgoing mail or parcels. 

  • Performing Tasks 

When required, carry out quick duties away from the workplace. 

Assist in moving or rearranging offices. 

Participate in the planning of office gatherings and events. 

  • Prepare Drinks 

Welcome guests with a polite greeting. 

Make tea or coffee for the staff and visitors. 

Help out on occasion at the front desk. 

  • Keeping Tabs on Everything 

Keep a list of the necessary office supplies, such as paper and pens. 

Make sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks in the kitchen. 

  • Safety 

At the conclusion of the workday, turn off the lights and the machines. 

Office equipment and facility problems should be reported right away. 

  • What You Must Understand 

You need have the following credentials and traits to succeed in this position: 

Effectiveness in cleaning and organizing duties. 

Ability to handle simple office tasks. 

It’s critical to be on time and have a good work ethic. 

Maintain a professional demeanor and act courteously. 


Prior experience in a comparable position is advantageous but not required. Candidates who are eager to develop themselves inside our company are welcomed. 

Join ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs) in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, and become an important member of our team. You’ll support a productive workplace and the development of our business as a whole. Please submit your application by the deadline of September 7, 2023, if you feel you meet the requirements for this post.

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How to Apply? For Office Boy:

Please follow these steps to apply for the post of Office Boy at ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs) in Ajman, United Arab Emirates: 

  • Check Out The Job Description  

Make sure you meet the prerequisites and are interested in the role by carefully reading the job description and requirements.

Apply now by clicking the “Apply Now” link or button provided in the job posting if you’re interested in applying. 

  • Open a New Account 

If you don’t already have an account, you might need to register one on the company’s job portal. To create your profile, follow the prompts. 

  • Fill Out The Form Completely 

Fill out the online application thoroughly, including facts about your education, professional background, and contact information. Include your résumé and any other necessary documentation. 

  • Application Submission

Verify the accuracy and completeness of your application. When you are finished, click the “Submit” or “Apply” button to email ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs) your application. 

  • Confirmation 

An email should be sent to you confirming the receipt of your application.

  • Follow-Up 

After a respectable amount of time, if you haven’t heard from the company, you can think about resubmitting your application. The corporate website or the job advertisement both contain contact information. 

Don’t forget to personalize your application to ME EInnovation FZE (Edutech-labs), highlighting your pertinent qualifications and experience and demonstrating your sincere interest in the Office Boy post. Regarding your application, good luck!

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