Canada Requires a Cleaner Alternative 2023


Canada Requires a Cleaner Alternative 2023

Those interested in working as Cleaners at a lodge may do so at CNG Enterprises Ltd in Brackley Beach, PE. If you are looking for a job in a remote hotel, motel, or resort, we have 15 openings. Starting on May 1st, 2023, you’ll be working 30–40 hours each week over three shifts: day, weekend, and morning.   

Education is valued at CNG Enterprises Ltd, however, it is not required for every position. No formal education is necessary for this role since we are pleased to provide training for qualified candidates. Having a strong grasp of the English language, however, is crucial for communicating effectively with both guests and coworkers.   

You may earn a great wage of $16.00 per hour with additional perks as a Cleaner at CNG Enterprises Ltd. We provide a variety of advantages to our staff members so that they always feel respected and appreciated. Health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time are all part of our benefits package.   

Working in a picturesque rural region is a major bonus of working with CNG Enterprises Ltd. Our lodge enjoys a beautiful setting in the middle of the woods and is known for its tranquil atmosphere. We are searching for somebody who can help us keep the lodge in pristine condition so that our visitors can relax and enjoy their stay here.  

CNG Enterprises Ltd in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island, is now hiring a Cleaner. The lodge is located in a scenic, rural environment. This position is ideal for anybody seeking a successful and satisfying career since it offers attractive pay, a comprehensive benefits package, and the chance to work in a breathtaking setting.

Canadian Environmental Duties:  

Your duties at CNG Enterprises ltd as a Cleaner in Brackley Beach, PE will include.  

Keep the floors clean and tidy by sweeping, mopping, washing, and polishing them on a regular basis   

Dusting furniture regularly will keep it clean and dust-free   

Clean the carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture upholstery by using a hoover   

Prepare the beds for guests by making them and changing the covers

Make sure your guests have access to clean towels and amenities during their stay 

Clean towels, sheets and other linens should be stocked in the linen closet

Keep the kitchen and bathroom sanitary by regularly cleaning, disinfecting and polishing the gadgets and fittings there

Guests’ missing possessions should be tracked down and reported as soon as possible

Respond quickly and politely to visitors’ requests for amenities

Help your visitors get about the resort with some basic orientation information

Remove litter and clear garbage cans to keep everything looking nice

Keep the house clean by regularly washing the windows, walls, and ceiling   

Politely and competently address customer concerns

Extra Cleaner Data for Canada:  

You should be aware of the following in addition to the duties and responsibilities listed in the job description.  

Help with Travel and Transportation   

Candidates are responsible for their own travel to and from the resort 

Physical Demands of the Job and Employee Capabilities:   

The ability to perform well under stress and fulfil demanding deadlines is essential in this field  

Bending, squatting, and kneeling, as well as carrying heavy objects, are all required routinely   

Physical stamina and attention to detail are required for this activity   

Candidates need to be both self-motivated and capable of contributing to a team  

Personal Appropriateness  

Candidates should be able to show that they are dependable, adaptable, proactive, and responsible  

They need to be able to get along with others and contribute to a group effort 


In addition to a fair wage, the firm provides perks for its workers including free parking

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Where Do I Find The Application Form? Less Polluting for Canada:

CNG Enterprises ltd is now hiring a Cleaner in the Brackley Beach, PE area   

Verify that you are able to perform the duties of the position, are legally able to work in Canada, and are of the required age and height/weight   

Make sure your CV and cover letter showcase your best qualifications   

Please respond to the pre-employment questionnaire by providing information about your start date availability, student status, legal right to work in Canada, and relevant work experience   

Please email [email protected] with your résumé, cover letter, and screening questions and answers   

The deadline for submissions is March27, 2023

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