Job Order Clerk Supervisor – Manufacturing Opening at C&L Cabinets | Apply Today!

Job Order Clerk

Job Order Clerk Supervisor – Manufacturing Opening at C&L Cabinets | Apply Today!

A Rewarding Career as a Manufacturing Supervisor of Job Order Clerks. Is a demanding supervising position in the manufacturing business what you’re after? Stop right there! We’re pleased to inform you that C&L Cabinets Ltd has an opportunity for a supervisory role as a Job Order Clerk. This position is ideal for anybody looking to exercise their leadership abilities in a fast-paced, exciting setting. This is a fantastic job opportunity, with a generous pay and benefits package.   

Supervisors of Job Order Clerks are primarily responsible for managing and coordinating production-related tasks. Optimizing productivity is a top priority, and you have the experience to create effective work plans and processes. Through cross-departmental cooperation, you’ll keep things running smoothly so that projects may be finished on schedule.   

Your ability to compile and submit reports, in addition to your coordination and organization abilities, will aid in the smooth operation of the production process. This will entail keeping tabs on the development of the project, keeping track of stock, and reporting to higher-ups as needed. You’ll put your problem-solving abilities to use fixing any hiccups that pop up at work so nothing gets in the way of productivity.   

Supervisors have the unique potential to shape the careers of their employees by providing them with the information and training they need to do their jobs well. An important element of your job will be to evaluate team members’ progress and provide suggestions for improvement through formal performance evaluations.   

To succeed in this role, you need to be a strong leader and have excellent teamwork skills. When deciding how to divide up your time and energy, you’ll have to use your best judgment and organizing abilities. You must be able to be counted on to handle the organization’s operational logistics, including the ordering and requisitioning of all necessary materials, equipment, and supplies.   

Apply for the Job Order Clerk Supervisor position at C&L Cabinets Ltd. if you’re ready to take the next step in your career and join a recognized manufacturing firm. Please apply immediately with a comprehensive résumé and a cover letter outlining your experience and interest in this position.   

Come work with us, and you’ll get to experience the exciting world of production supervision. Take advantage of this opening to apply, and make a real difference in the field.

Details Job Order Clerk Supervisor:

Posted Date:June 14 2023
Company Name:C&L Cabinets Ltd
Location:7210 5th St SE Calgary, AB T2H 2L9
Job Title:Job Order Clerk Supervisor – Manufacturing
Salary:25.64 hourly / 30 to 40 hours per week 
Education:College | CEGEP
Experience:02 to 03 Years
Last Date:July 14 2023

Responsibilities Job Order Clerk Supervisor: 

Set goals and create routines to achieve them as quickly and effectively as possible.   

Integral to a smooth workflow and on-time project completion is coordination with other work units or departments.   

Create and send reports detailing the project’s development, stock levels, and any other pertinent data.   

Find solutions to any issues that come up at work throughout the production phase.   

Educate employees on their responsibilities and company regulations to guarantee quality and consistency.   

Review employee accomplishments and offer suggestions for improvement using performance evaluations.   

Make sure everything gets done on time and correctly by coordinating, assigning, and reviewing assignments.   

Order or place a requisition for the necessary raw materials, machinery, and other industrial inputs.   

Streamline processes and make the most of available resources by planning, organizing, and supervising the organization’s operational logistics.  


You’ll be in charge of monitoring workers across a wide range of departments to make sure they’re following protocol and getting the job done well.  

For Further Clarification:  

Personal Appropriateness:   

Ability to use one’s own best judgment in any given circumstance.   

Ability to maintain a high level of organization and prioritize work successfully.   

Dependability; the ability to always follow through on promises made in the workplace.   

Capacity to work well in a team setting and foster an inclusive culture.

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How to Apply for Job Order Clerk Supervisor?:

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] if you’re interested in applying for this position and satisfy the requirements. Don’t forget to attach a résumé and cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest in the role.   

The submission date is set for July 14, 2023.   

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