Join Our Team at Forest Inn & Conference Center as a Dynamic Cleaner, and Transform Environments with Your Cleaning Skills!


Join Our Team at Forest Inn & Conference Center as a Dynamic Cleaner, and Transform Environments with Your Cleaning Skills!

A prestigious company in Sioux Lookout, Ontario called Forest Inn & Conference Centre is now looking for motivated people who are willing to join our team as Cleaners. This job is a wonderful fit for your goals if you have a strong love for maintaining clean and welcoming environments. Accepting the position of a Cleaner within our company gives you the possibility to take on a critical role committed to maintaining the maximum comfort and satisfaction of our esteemed guests. 

You will be immersed in a culture that appreciates hard work and excellence as a member of the Forest Inn & Conference Centre team. We are aware of how important a tidy and peaceful environment is in giving our customers unforgettable experiences. It would be exciting and enjoyable to take on the post of a Cleaner with us if you truly enjoy making sure that areas are not only cleaned but also warmly decorated. 

Beyond the ordinary, you are an advocate for hospitality and wellbeing in your capacity as a Cleaner. Every action you take helps to create the overall impression we want to leave on our valued visitors. Your efforts are felt across every area of our facility, from the carefully cleaned rooms to the carefully restocked amenities. You will be crucial in transforming routine stays into outstanding moments of pleasure and delight thanks to your meticulous effort. 

The Forest Inn & Conference Center sees our Cleaners as more than merely employees carrying out their duties; rather, they are significant contributors to the overall experience we provide. Come along with us as we redefine hospitality by establishing warm environments that leave enduring memories. We are committed to excellence and have an unbroken focus on the needs of our visitors. Your dedication to quality in your role as a Cleaner at Forest Inn & Conference Centre is an investment in our esteemed guests’ happiness and contentment.

Job Details for Cleaner:

Posted on:18th August 2023
Job Title:Cleaner
Company Name:Forest Inn & Conference Centre
Location:Sioux Lookout, Ontario, P8T 1A3, 11 May Street
Salary:Negotiable $15.75 to $16.75 per hour for 35 to 40 hours per week
Language:The language is English
Education:No degree, diploma, or certificate is necessary
Knowledge:Will learn
Advertised Until:2023 September 1


Your duties as a Cleaner at Forest Inn & Conference Centre will be to,

Keeping floors clean by sweeping, cleaning, washing, and polishing them. 

Making mattresses and switching the sheets to make the space cozy and welcoming for visitors. 

Provide clean towels and amenities to visitors to make their stay more enjoyable.

Operating rooms and other designated locations should be thoroughly cleaned. 

To keep a clean environment, elevators should be cleaned and sanitized. 

Handling, reporting, and handling lost and found goods with integrity and expertise. 

Keeping communal spaces clean by gathering rubbish and emptying trash cans. 

Cleaning the ceiling, walls, and windows to ensure a spotless appearance. 

Cleaning the showers and changing rooms for the comfort of the visitors. 

Addressing client issues or complaints in a timely and efficient manner.

Workplace Circumstances and Physical Capability:  

The work environment for this position is dynamic and includes,

A situation that demands efficiency and flexibility. 

Performing well under pressure to reach cleaning goals. 

Carrying out routine activities to keep a consistent level of cleanliness. 

Responsibilities that require a lot of physical exertion, including walking and standing. 

Personal Fitness:

Dependability, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and dedication to responsibilities that are given to you. 

Adaptability to shifting schedules and priorities. 

Delivering dependable, high-caliber cleaning services.

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How to Apply? for Cleaner:

You can use either of the following approaches to apply to work as a cleaner at Forest Inn & Conference Center,

  • Via Email  

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

  • Via Mail  

Send a cover letter and resume to Forest Inn & Conference Centre at 11 May Street in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, P8T 1A3.

More details visit company website, Visit Now!

The closing date for this job posting is September 1, 2023. Don’t pass up the opportunity to join our hardworking team! 

Be a part of Forest Inn & Conference Center’s commitment to deliver outstanding guest experiences through cleanliness and hospitality by joining us. We’re eager to consider your application and welcome you to our group.

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