Join the winning team at Wild Wing and advance your career as a food service supervisor now!

food service supervisor

Join the winning team at Wild Wing and advance your career as a food service supervisor now!

Working as a supervisor in the food service business allows you to lead teams in a dynamic and growing field. Wild Wing, a well-known restaurant on Atherley Road in Orillia, Ontario, is looking to hire a Food Service Supervisor. You’ll be in charge of keeping track of inventory, repairs, sales, and waste in addition to supervising and organizing the efforts of the workers who actually do the cooking and plating.  

The ideal candidate for the position of Food Service Supervisor will play a crucial role in maintaining the consistent high quality of the restaurant’s food preparation and service. They will be in charge of directing and coordinating the workforce, which includes delegating responsibilities and checking up on workers’ progress. They will need to keep an eye on the kitchen to make sure the food is prepared properly, kept at the appropriate temperature, and presented at the perfect size for the clients.  

The Food Service Supervisor must also keep track of inventory, repairs, sales, and losses. They will need to monitor stock levels and place replenishment orders as needed to guarantee the eatery always has what its patrons need. To guarantee the restaurant’s equipment is constantly in good operating order, it is imperative that they keep track of when things need to be repaired or replaced.  

The Food Service Supervisor is responsible for maintaining high levels of service and quality control in the kitchen. Food preparation must take place in a sanitary atmosphere, thus it will be up to them to enforce the necessary hygiene and safety measures. In addition, they must make sure that the consumers are pleased with the speed, efficiency, and friendliness of the meal service.

Job Details Food Service Supervisor:

Job Title: Food Service Supervisor

Company: Wild Wing

Address: 660 Atherley Rd, Orillia, ON L3V 1P2

Salary: $16.92 to $18.00 hourly (to be negotiated) Working Hours: 30 to 40 hours per week,

Shift: Day, Night, Weekend, Morning

Vacancy Available:


The Food Service Supervisor’s primary responsibility will be to direct and coordinate the efforts of those working in the kitchen and serving areas. Maintaining high standards of customer service and product quality in regards to food service is a top priority, and this role requires constant supervision and coordination of team efforts. The Food Service Supervisor must also ensure that all transactions, including purchases, sales, repairs, and spoilage, are properly recorded.   

The ideal applicant will have strong interpersonal skills and be able to inspire and motivate others in their capacity as team leader. They need strong verbal and written communication skills to keep everyone on the same page and maximize productivity. The Food Service Supervisor also has to be a team member who can help the business reach its objectives by collaborating with others.   

The ability to keep track of several people, multiple projects, and multiple records is essential for the Food Service Supervisor. They need strong prioritization skills to get the most critical work done first. The food service sector is fast-paced and demanding, so employees need to be able to multitask and remain calm under pressure.   

The ability to lead is also crucial for a career in food service management. They need to be able to inspire confidence in the rest of the group by their own actions. To guarantee that everyone on the team is doing their jobs well, they need to be able to delegate responsibility and give constructive criticism.   

In conclusion, the position of Food Service Supervisor is crucial to the success of any restaurant. The ideal applicant would be a team player with strong interpersonal and oral communication abilities. They need to be able to multitask, perform well under pressure, be well organized, and have great leadership characteristics. The ideal applicant will play a crucial part in guaranteeing that clients always have a pleasant dining experience by keeping up with service and quality standards.


The candidate’s command of the English language is essential.   


The applicant must either have completed secondary education (high school) or have relevant work experience.   


The ideal applicant will have between one and two years of experience in the field.   

Conditions at the Office  

It may be loud there on the job site.   

Context of Work  

The successful applicant will be working at a restaurant, quick food joint, or concession stand.

The duties of the Food Service Supervisor will include:   

Determine means to accomplish tasks on time.   

Maintaining order among the workers engaged in food preparation and serving.  

Instruct workers on proper sanitation, safety procedures, and the nature of their respective roles.  

Prepare a budget and place a supply order.   

Maintain a high standard of food service and quality.   

Maintain precise records of purchases, sales, repairs, and discards.  

Make and turn in your reports.   

Set up a timetable for tasks.

Extra Data for the Food Service Manager:  

The ideal applicant would be able to multitask between sitting and standing and walking while working in a fast-paced workplace and meeting strict deadlines. It’s also necessary to stand for long stretches of time.   

Personal Appropriateness  

The ideal applicant will be personable, articulate, and comfortable working in a team environment.  

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Where do I find an application? Manager of the Cafeteria:  

Send your application materials to [email protected].   

promote till  

You can apply for this position up until May 12th, 2023.   

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